How to connect ANAFI and Olmype via radio control


How can I connect ANAFI and Olmype via Radio Control instead of connecting via Wifi?
How do you write Python code?

ANAFI ←→ Radio Contro ←USB→ Olmype



I’m not sure to understand your request or how it is related to Olympe.
Could you explain what are you trying to do ?

What do you mean by “Radio Control” ? If you mean “model aircraft radio control”, then it’s not possible ANAFI only support WiFi.

Anafi drones (commercial versions) connectivity solutions :

  • ANAFI / ANAFI Thermal / ANAFI USA : WiFi
  • ANAFI Ai : WiFi + 4G

If by “radio control” you mean the SkyController 3, you can do this: If you plug SkyController 3 into your PC via USB it acts as a USB Ethernet device. Send your GroundSDK commands to on this network, it should work.

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Thank you for your response.
”Radio Control" is a drone controller that operates ANAFI.
For example, it could be “SkyController 3”.

ANAFI ←→ SkyController 3 ←USB→ Olmype



Thank you for your response.
I will check your answer.


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