How to connect olympe to physical drone

Hey I am trying to run my olympe code on my physical drone, when i connect to my wifi and run the code it still is not able to deploy the code. I got the issue olympe.drone _do_connect - ‘’ connection retries failed. Can i get some guidance please.


A recent change in the Anafi Ai firmware disable the possibility to connect to a drone directly (not through a SkyController) from a PC or a Smartphone by default.

Thus, it is no longer possible to connect to a drone address over wifi with Olympe without first enabling the “Direct connection” setting of the drone.

To enable this “Direct connection” setting (once and for all for your drone), you can use the FreeFlight 7 application when you’re connected to your Anafi Ai through your SkyController 4.

Hey thank you for this detailed explanation, but i am using ANAFI not ANAFI AI, would it be the same? Also where can I get FreeFlight 7 for android. I am only seeing 6.

No this restriction is not applicable for ANAFI with Freeflight 6.

Does your SkyController 3 or FreeFlight 6 is connected to your drone while you’re trying to connect with Olympe ? (Only one simultaneous SDK connection is possible at a time. So if you’re already connected to your ANAFI with the SkyController and/or Freeflight 6, you can’t connect to the drone with Olympe).

Could you post the full Olympe log ?

Sure 1 moment just booting my linux

2022-06-01 07:11:42,567 [INFO] olympe.backend - _create_pomp_loop - Creating pomp loop
2022-06-01 07:11:42,569 [INFO] olympe.backend - _do_create - device callbacks have been added to arsdk_ctrl
2022-06-01 07:11:42,569 [INFO] olympe.scheduler - _create_pomp_loop - Creating pomp loop
2022-06-01 07:11:42,604 [INFO] olympe.backend - _device_added_cb - DiscoveryNet: New device has been detected: ‘ANAFI-F133089’
2022-06-01 07:11:42,605 [INFO] olympe.drone - _connecting_cb - Connecting to device: ANAFI-F133089
2022-06-01 07:11:42,606 [INFO] olympe.drone - _connect_impl - Connection in progress…
2022-06-01 07:11:42,624 [INFO] olympe.drone - _canceled_cb - Connection to device: ANAFI-F133089 has been canceled for reason: REJECTED
2022-06-01 07:11:42,633 [INFO] olympe.drone - _on_device_removed - <olympe.arsdkng.cmd_itf.DisconnectedEvent object at 0x7fc8c1bfcc70>
2022-06-01 07:11:42,639 [ERROR] ulog - arsdkctrl_net - device_conn_destroy:394: pomp_ctx_stop err=16(Device or resource busy)
2022-06-01 07:11:44,626 [ERROR] olympe.drone - _do_connect - ' connection retries failed
2022-06-01 07:11:44,627 [INFO] olympe.drone - disconnect - Disconnection with the device OK. IP: b’’
2022-06-01 07:11:44,636 [INFO] olympe.drone - _on_device_removed - <olympe.arsdkng.cmd_itf.DisconnectedEvent object at 0x7fc8cf0b3220>
2022-06-01 07:11:44,652 [INFO] olympe.scheduler - _destroy_pomp_loop - Pomp loop has been destroyed: subscribers_thread
2022-06-01 07:11:44,656 [INFO] olympe.backend - _destroy - Manager has been destroyed
2022-06-01 07:11:44,667 [ERROR] ulog - pomp - fd=16, cb=0x7fc8cefa4f90 still in loop
2022-06-01 07:11:44,668 [ERROR] olympe.backend - _destroy_pomp_loop - Error while destroying pomp loop: -16
2022-06-01 07:11:44,772 [ERROR] ulog - pomp - fd=16, cb=0x7fc8cefa4f90 still in loop
2022-06-01 07:11:44,773 [ERROR] olympe.backend - _destroy_pomp_loop - Error while destroying pomp loop: -16

This is the error i am getting. I am running a simple script.

import olympe
import os

DRONE_IP = os.environ.get("DRONE_IP", "")

def test_physical_drone():
    drone = olympe.Drone(DRONE_IP)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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