How to connect to the physical drone via Parrot's olympe in Linux

How do I connect to a physical Bebop2 FPV drone via the computer? I’m referring to the development environment using Linux with Olympe. With a simulated drone this would be e.g. in interactive mode olympe.Drone(“”) and followed with drone.connection(). Will there be a tag on the drone with its ip-address?

To clarify: I will connect to a physical Bebop 2 drone, and I want at least to get a connection through the computer. But I am unsure, referring to your guide ( how in Linux I will be able to do this. I am using Oracle VirtualBox with Debian 9 or Debian 9 as WSL. So how will my Linux machine find the drone’s WIFI access point, if internet is working on my Linux machine, but I can’t find other networks over WIFI, as Windows 10 does, a lot also since I live in an apartment.

Regarding the connection to the SkyController, is there some special mounting point to mount the controller, since it is a USB 3 type C cable? And will it work with USB 1.x and 2.x? How will the controller work when connected to the PC? What is the meaning with that?

You should be able to check out the network name by exec. iwconfig in the CLI.

You should check out the LAN card emulation/interfacing that’s done by WSL or VBox in their respective forums, sure you’ll get more info!

As of the SkyController, what about using your phone paired w/ it and connected to the drone? Maybe it gets easier :smile: