How to control the simulator drone using my smartphone?

I did all as write in the manual …

I did it one by one - step by step as write
But from my cellphone i can’t connect to it.

How to do it ?
I try the bluetooth and the wifi also … nothing work

Have you verified that your system meets the requirements listed here:

Also note that with a 4.8 Linux kernel, bluetooth devices will not get recognized:

Can you give us more information about your configuration (linux and kernel versions, wifi and bluetooth references)? Thanks.


Can you provide some details on your test environment, please ?

What are the references of your wifi ans bluetooth devices/chipsets ?
What is the version of your kernel ? (uname -r in the terminal)
What is the drone you are trying to connect to over wifi ? (the Disco requires a Skycontroller 2, other drones don’t)