How To Extract the Amount of 4G Data Used in an Anafi Ai Flight?

Hello, maybe someone can address this matter:

The Anafi Ai can use 4G cellular data.

It would be quite useful (essential?) to have a ‘4G cellular data used’ metric for many obvious reasons.

This metric surprisingly isn’t displayed in FreeFlight 7 (as far as I can tell), nor does it appear in the data in the Log Data (GUTMA_DX_JSON file that Anafi Ai uses for flight data logging).

The only way currently that we can ‘guesstimate’ the data usage is to fly the drone via 4G only for 5 minutes several times, and make note of the data used on the cellular device connecting to the Skycontroller 4, arrive at a 'MB/minute" calculation and extrapolate this to flights where no cellular device data metric is available.

The situation where the above problem with data used metric is unobtainable except by the above extrapolation, occurs when the only 4G SIM card in use is the one inserted into the Anafi Ai, and an internet-connected WiFi only iPad is connected to the Skycontroller 4.

Can this “4G [cellular] Data Used” parameter display be added to the FreeFlight 7 app and/or the GUTMA flight log?

Thank you very much for any assistance.

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