How to fly/move simulated drone via command line


I’m trying to control a Mambo in Sphinx without using FreeFlight. I thought of using the handling plugin as said in Tuning of drone internals at runtime - Web Interface and How to make a drone follow scripted trajectories docs.

Firstly I could not open the dashboard using sphinx-dashboard. This issue was easy to work out accessing http://localhost:9002 in my web navigator.

Sadly, for Mambo models, there is no handling script start or stop as for the other drones. The Disco model even has a shaking action. The images below show the differences between the Mambo, Bebop 2 and Disco web interface available actions.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to add the start (take off) or any move actions to the Mambo simulated drone?

  2. If so, where do I add the code? I suppose it must be included in the .drone or .world file

  3. If not, do I need to write a new plugin, then compile into a .so file and add to the .drone file?

  4. Is there a better method to control the drone without using an external Bluetooth device (using the FreeFlight or Parrot SDK Application)? Would it be possible to publish directly to a gazebo topic or send a TCP package?

At How to make a drone follow scripted trajectories says:

See /internal_transformer for the list of variables provided by Parrot-Sphinx in the expression evaluation context

Is there also a list of available actions? Nevertheless, I could not understand if /internal_transformer was a gazebo topic, a directory or a documentation page. I tried all these options but still did not find it.

Thank you for your attention!

The handling plugin is meant to move the drone as if it was manipulated by a human with his hands. It is not meant to be used when the drone is flying. Right now, it is only used to perform magnetometer calibration and hand launch for models that support it.

Your use case is different, you want to control the drone without FreeFlight. To achieve that, we usually recommend Olympe ( but it does not support minidrones, so you will have to choose another drone, or you may want to investigate other solutions like pyparrot (

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