How to get Global frame origin


I’m working on a computer vision algorithm based on Hello Drone code, and I see that we can get lot of information from telemetry, like position_global, position_local and position_geo of the drone.

I like to work in the NED global frame, but I can see that lot of piloting function want long/lat information. I saw there is a libparrot_physics_binding that can convert NED to geodetic format, but obviously need the ned_origin.

Where can I get ned_origin of global frame ?

For global, I read The x,y position is initialized at {0, 0}m either at the location of the first GPS fix or at the location of the first take-off, whichever happens first. The z position is initialized at 0m at each ground take-off and -1m on hand launch take-off. but is this origin geo information stored in the code ?


Hi Clément,

Yes, this information should be available in the telemetry, in the drone_controller section :

  • drone_controller.global_origin_geo.is_set : this is a boolean which value is 0 until the global frame gets defined (i.e. until the first GPS fix)
  • drone_controller.global_origin_geo.latitude_north_deg : this is the North latitude of the global frame origin in degrees
  • drone_controller.global_origin_geo.longitude_east_deg : this is the East longitude of the global frame origin in degrees

It seems to be missing in the AirSDK documentation, I will ask for it to be added.


Thank you @g.rousseau !


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