How to get local frame orientation in groundSdk

I am working with images in the iOS GroundSdk, and I am having troubles from the gps inconsistency in the drone.location and drone.position elements of the metadata in the camera stream. The drone.localPosition element sounds like exactly what I need, however I cannot find any way to access the orientation of the drone in the same basis as localPosition uses.

I am aware that using the AirSdk I could send this data to the drone myself, but I would much prefer to not split my project over the two sdk’s if it is possible.

Any advice as to if and where I can access this data in the iOS groundSdk would be much appreciated.

Regards, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Could describe how you access drone.location, drone.position and drone.localPosition?


Hi Georges,

I have a class implementing the YuvSinkListener protocol, and in the frameReady I am doing Vmeta_TimedMetadata(serializedData: frame.metadataProtobuf) and reading the data from that object.

I did end up using the AirSdk to send the data over since I couldn’t figure anything out, and it is working fine so far.

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