How to improve the framework?

Hi, I’m making this post to give you my humble opinion on the state of the framework and the problems I consider damaging.

Parrot, I think you have a great product with a nice potential for professionals like my company. But I find your documentation not explanatory enough with too few concrete cases and examples. You publish the code documentation but it doesn’t explain how it works or how to do it.

In my opinion, I think it’s a problem of means, you prefer to improve the features than to write documentation. We all do that but it’s a disservice to your product.

So I’m going to be pretentious but I think you should work on the following aspects:

  • Refine the code rather than adding features,
  • Make tutorials, even Youtube videos that attract more people.

To attract more developers to your products and framework, creating an annual contest with a drone or something else to win can be a good idea. For example, in a given simulator map, the participant has to move the drone as fast as possible to several checkpoints and take a picture of each. The constraint for the participants is that the source code must be open and published on Parrot’s Git.
The benefits are the following:

  • You get publicity,
  • You attract developers from outside the drone world,
  • A community will be created during the contest,
  • Source code will be available “for free” with practical cases,
  • The framework and the simulator will be more tested with its share of bugs to correct.

I am aware that it requires time to work but the benefit is great.


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