How to increase the output frequency of the data logger data

Hey guys,

I’m working with Sphinx on the design of a control loop. To get feedback on the drone state, I’m using the data come from the data logger following the online guide.
I have seen that the output of the data logger is more or less 1Hz. So, my question: is it possible to increase this frequency? As you probably know, 1Hz is not enough to control the drone behavior.

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tlm-data-logger is an open-source tool that you can find here:

The global rate by default is 1 Hz but you can change it with the “-r” option. With “-r 0”, you will get your data at 1 KHz.


Hey @giuseppe.silano,

Were you able to record the drone’s state by using the tlm-data-logger tool? Did you use some processing node? I’d like to hear how did you cope with this.



Hi @espetro ! Yes, I am able to access all the drone state variables. Me and my colleagues, at the University of Sannio in Benevento, are working on Sphinx, in particular with the Parrot Bebop 2, in the development of a complete software platform to analyze the behavior assumed by the drone in an environment very close to reality (e.g., such as Gazebo), understanding and fixing, before tests in the real world, possible implementation problems and/or in the control algorithm (this is commonly tested on simplified models by using Matlab/Simulink).

You can find the code developed up to this point: While the code involving Sphinx, on which we are working is present in the branch dev/Sphinx. Please note that its features are not guaranteed.

All information is listed in the of the dev/Sphinx branch (the link to the online repository is reported above). If you have other questions, please open an issue on GitHub. In this way, your question and answer will be part of questions and answers available to the online community that decides to use the repository or part of it for its own purposes.