How to land using throttle down command


When I was trying to land manually by applying the throttle down, it stops going down at a certain height.
Thus, I had to use the auto-landing button to make it land.
I think it is prevented to go below a certain height due to safety concerns but I want to remove this restriction for my own purpose.
How can I remove it on a physical drone and simulated drone in sphinx as well?


You can’t remove it on the physical drone.

Hi @Jerome, can you guys consider this option for the next update?
I try to make it land autonomously on a moving platform applying vision-based navigation. It means it should land with some amount of forward flight speed. The auto-landing function requires a hover state, but that is not possible in this case. Now it can do everything except for landing on a moving platform. The parrot’s safety countermeasure restricts its great potential. I think it would be awesome if the parrot allows it at the owner’s own risk.
No risk, no return.