How to obtain camera pose(yaw, roll, pitch) at almost real-time


As for User guide - 7.4,
I understood GPS location information (latitude, longitude, altitude) from in-flight ANAFI can be obtained via yuv_frame.vmeta() at almost realtime.

I also wolud like to obtain camera position (yaw, roll, pitch) from in-flight ANAFI at alomost realtime.
Is it possible by using yuv_frame.vmeta() ?
Please introduce more information which yuv_frame.vmeta() returns.

I have another question.
When using Olympe on linux PC,
does ANAFI USA standard controller and application on a smart phone work as same as when not using Olympe?
I am concerned whether Olympe , standard controller, and application on a smart phone works in parallel.

I would appreciate your reply.

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