How to obtain the version of the Parrot SDK?

olympe.__version__ returns 0.0.0 and the product version is unrelated.

Couldn’t find an API call

By parrot SDK you mean olympe ?
‘olympe -v’ in your virtual environment

Doesn’t work for me:

(olympe-python3) pi@raspberrypi:~/vxparrot $ olympe -v


Since you’re running Olympe on a raspberry Pi, I assume that you had built it from source on your side.
Most of our software will display a “0.0.0” version when locally built, as the version number is not embedded in the source code, but rather injected at build time by our release server for prebuilt releases.

If you want to keep track of which version of the source code you’ve built, you can “embed” a version number when building Olympe by adding the -b x.y.z option to the build command:

./ -p olympe-linux -t build -j
# becomes
./ -p olympe-linux -t build -b 7.3.0 -j

But in this case, you’ll have to ensure that the version number you’re adding to your build actually follows the version of the source you’ve downloaded.


The thing is I do not know what parrot version I install following your installation procedure. You just display 7.2 in the documentation. I don’t remember to have seen any of those information during the entire build process.

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