How to push data with mission to the real dron


I would like my real drone to load config file written in mission-data when it load the mission. I did it with simulated drone with adb but I can’t do it with real drone.

I tryied to connect the drone though USB and copy files into missions-data/my.mission/, but I have this error :
libmtp error: Could not send object info.

How can i put data in mission-data of real drone ?


I found a ugly way to do it, it needs to be done when building and installing mission.

I added

airsdk-nexter.config-dir      := $(airsdk-nexter.payload-dir)/config
$(call copy-all-under,config,.yml,$(airsdk-nexter.config-dir))

In the to copy all yml files that are in the config folder into payload directory that can be accessed with MISSION_PRODUCT_ROOT_CFG env variable (Storage and persistence - 7.3).

I would love to beeing able to change this config file without having to re-build and re-installing the mission, so I let this ticket open.



It is in fact not possible to dynamically add files for your mission. It must be done at build time.

Instead of adding code to the, it is possible to directly put the files in the skel (i.e skeleton) directory of the product.

In order to do that, create the following directory structure from the root directory of your mission:


(replace mymissionname by the appropriate name)

All files will be available using MISSION_PRODUCT_ROOT_CFG env variable or the equivalent get_product_cfg_dir from flight supervisor



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