How to read skycontroller command inputs using python script

I am using Anafi4k drone + Olympe with sphinx.
I want to read and save my command inputs. According to the document, pitch/roll/yaw/gaz range from -100 to 100. However, I don’t know how to see my command inputs in numbers. Can anybody read the values at each time step?
Please help me to figure it out.
Thank you so much in advance!

Hello GoNavy,

I am not sure to understand what you’d want to do.
You want to get the piloting commands sent by the SkyController to the drone from your Python/Olympe script?

If that’s the case, unfortunately I don’t think that is possible. The commands are only sent to the drone directly and the SkyController doesn’t send a copy of those command to the controller (Olympe or FreeFlight6).