How to reset the "Maximum battery capacity" to 100% after replacing battery cells

Hello all,
I have replaced the LiPo cells of two of my Anafi batteries. The previous cells were swollen and the Maximum battery capacity in the Freeflight app was showing 52% and 34% respectively. Needless to say that the flight time was less than 5 minutes and the voltage was dropping rapidly on both of them. I have found new cells from the chinese market. The batteries now hold their charge but the flight time is still under 5 minutes because the percentage of the battery drops in the same way like with the previous elements. The drone starts the auto land when the percentage drops below 10%, even though the voltage now is above 7400mV and it shows no sudden fluctuations (which means that the cells are in good condition)
I have tried to hard reset the batteries by pressing the button for more than 15 sec without success.
Is there a way to reset the “Maximum battery capacity” back to 100% by some way?

Hi @orybarfly,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to modify the firmware of the battery and reset the maximum battery capacity value. We strongly advise against any hardware modification of the battery.


Hi @Axelm ,
Thank you for the quick reply. I really don’t want to make any modifications to the firmware of the battery or the battery electronics as far as the hardware is concerned. I’m just looking for a procedure to restore the maximum battery capacity reported by the battery back to 100%, since the cells are new now.
Maybe there is a way to reset it to factory defaults that would include the “Maximum battery capacity” as well.
Kind regards

So fresh batteries and no improvement. As the batteries are no longer made by Parrot. I am shocked to learn this, as I may also want to replace the cells on my regular anafi in the future when my flight time is reduced as well.

It looks like there is a solution to the problem. One has to fully charge the battery with the new cells, fly the drone down to auto-land and keep it in working state until the drone shuts off by itself. Fully charge the battery again and do the same procedure one more time. This way, a battery that was showing 34% maximum battery capacity, it is showing now 85% and I am getting around 18 minutes of flight time!

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