How to run enable for Computer Vision service

We would like to know how to implement a way to enable Computer Vision, a service built into anafiAI.
We would like to have information on how to solve this issue.

Here is our current understanding.
Is it correct? If not, we would like to know how to implement it in a comprehensive manner.

We believe that it means to send the “enable” command via message center.
However, I think that by default, the message center does not register anything that corresponds to the Computer Vision section of the message list.
(Example: dctl corresponding to Drone controller)
I think it is necessary to create your own message center (make_message_center(self)),
However, I cannot do attach_client_service_pair because I do not know the unix address of the Computer Vision service.

In my case, i didn’t use the Computer Vision Service
But i have made custom mission including guidance, service using “service_pair” service

This could not be correct, but i think
It doesn’t have to know the channel of Computer Vision Service (ex: unix:/computervision/…)

Just declare the client channel anyway, and make the channel name same both in FSUP, Service

For example

  • in FSUP"unix:/tmp/your_mission_name", your_msgs_name, True)
  • in Service::context_start(struct context *ctx)
ctx->msg->startServerChannel(pomp::Address("unix:/tmp/your_mission_name"), 0666);

I have successfully communicate with msg through that way. It would be grateful if this is helpful

If you want to get Camera related data, use ‘telemetry’ with calling telemetry or ‘video’ in Service

My upper apply is about communicating messages between GSDK or AirSDK(FSUP, Service, Guidance) through unix channel.

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