How to send Computer Vision message

I believe enable is a command to enable Computer vision.

I would like to know the specific usage of the enable command.

Please tell me.

Could someone please advise me on the specific implementation method and the following points?
・Is enable a command that is executed by who and for whom?

Hi @atsumu-arch,

You are right, enable is a command to enable Computer vision. This command take only one argument with_boxprop.

  • If with_boxprop is True: Computer vision will automatically propose boxes if it detects an item in this list (Animal, Bicycle, Boat, Car, Horse, Motorbike or Person) and writes them into the section cv@tracking@proposals. You can obtain the identifier ( of one of the proposed boxes and use the command SetId to track it.

  • If with_boxprop is False: Computer vision will not propose boxes. You can manually select the target with the command SetRect

You can get the telemetry of your tracked box in this section cv@tracking@box

Computer vision is an internal service of Anafi Ai. It received command, send event and write in the telemetry sections cv@tracking@proposals and cv@tracking@box.

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Thank you for the great tips and easy to understand feature explanations! !

After building a verification system using the actual machine that you answered above, we will immediately proceed with the verification development of Computer Vision!

thank you!

With with_boxprop set to false, the target is manually selected, but the only objects that can be selected are (animals, bicycles, boats, cars, horses, motorcycles, or people) from the list. Is it the range?

Is it possible to register any object in the frame (for example, a part of a car) as a target?

Hi @atsumu-arch,

When manual mode is selected, you can draw a rectangle in the image and the drone’s target tracking service will try to follow the target as closely as possible. The target can be anything other than the elements in the drone’s default list (animals, bicycles, boats, cars, horses, motorcycles, or people), in which case it will be defined as “Unknown”.

It is not possible to add objects to the drone’s default list.


Thank you.
A quick question. Is there a mission that we can do to see an example implementation running the ebable command in an existing hello, load_runner, etc.?

If not, can you please tell us specifically where and how you would implement this at the code level?

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