How to start Hello Drone mission on physical drone

I want to launch the hello drone mission on a physical drone
I installed the mission on the drone but it doesn’t appear in the mission tab in freeflight 7
I tried to launch the mission with the olympe script but it doesn’t work either
Is it related to these errors ?

How can i know if the mission is correctly loaded and activated ?
Can i got more log from olympe ?


I would suggest that you open up the anafi ai webserver while uploading the mission onto the drone and check there to confirm the mission has been uploaded.

You can do this by,

  1. Going to “anafi-ai.local” on your browser.
  2. Then check the missions tab on there.

I’ve attached a screengrab of the webserver below.


The mission is installed correctly, but I do not know if it is properly loaded and activated :frowning:

Hi @MelP,

If you want to use Phone to lanch Hello World on real drone, you need to use OpenFlight iOS app : GitHub - Parrot-Developers/openflight-ios: OpenFlight is the open-source core of FreeFlight7..


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Tanks for the answer !
So I cant launch Hello Drone mission with Freeflight7 but i can with OpenFlight ?
I need to build OpenFlight and publish the app on the app store ?
It’s weird…

Hi @MeIP

Could you please provide the full Olympe log ?

From your screenshots, I don’t see anything related to the activation of the mission.
It seems there is two errors:

  1. a decoding error on an unrelated flightplan.capabilities message
  2. some low level error while Olympe gets disconnected from the drone while it is rebooting

Those two are completely harmless.

How can I provide you full Olympe log ?
I got an error when i try to add logfile as parameter in my olympe script

I don’t have any others errors besides the ones posted above when i launch the script

I have 1 more error my bad:

You don’t have to publish the app on the app store, just connect your mac with XCode to your phone, and you can directly build and install OpenFlight on your iPhone

If potentially we have several dozen customers who need the app it’s complicated :frowning:

You can’t add custom missions to FreeFlight app. You can develop your own iOS app to control and play with your mission, but it’s much more easier with OpenFlight opensource app.
You’ll have either to publish your app on App Store if you want customers being able to download it. Or, you can build your app on customers device directly …


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Thank you for the clarification !

@MelP Another solution instead of using OpenFlight would be to use the GroundSdkDemo to quickly launch the Hello Drone mission.
This solution, as the well as OpenFlight, requires that you compile the GroundSdkDemo app locally on your machine.

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