I want use 7.4 version


I would like use a old (7.4) version of AirSDK, but with your tools I can’t choose the version.

To build I use this command the first time:

./build.sh -p test-classic -t download-base-sdk -t all -j

And it get sdk like this :

curl --progress-bar https://firmware.parrot.com/Versions/anafi2/classic_airsdk/%23latest/sdk.tar.gz --output /mnt/DATA/workspace/armour/nexter-poc-drone/airsdk/sdk.tar.gz

So %23latest is the latest version 7.5.

How I can download 7.4 version plz ?


You can select the SDK version you want to download by setting the PARROT_BUILD_BASE_SDK_VERSION environment variable:

PARROT_BUILD_BASE_SDK_VERSION=7.4.0 ./build.sh -p test-classic -t download-base-sdk


Ok thank you. It’s not really a trivial method but why not :slight_smile:
I found this also → Firmware Versions & SDK - Parrot

Can you add this in your documentation next time with the list of all version available plz ?

Also a link on old doc versions can be very appreciable.

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