Image capture_timestamp everytime 0


I have a problem with Sphinx. When I read the value in its everytime 0. frameInfo is the structure pdraw_video_frame.

I haven’t this issue with a drone.

With this this issue I can’t simulate ma programme like real.

Thanks to fix it.

I add some context.

I use PDraw to read Anafi Stream and my code is based on this code → pdraw/pdraw_vsink_test.c at master · Parrot-Developers/pdraw · GitHub

I use Sphinx 2.11.


The video recording and streaming features in the simulator are simplified on multiple aspects. For example the resolution is always 720p, the encoding parameters are not the same, etc.

The capture_timestamp is not guaranteed to be available because it depends if it is serialized by the drone in the video. However other timestamps are available in the pdraw_video_frame structure.

Ok thank you, I take ntp_raw_timestamp for my simulation version.

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