Improvement suggestions / Community wishlist

Hi Dev Team !

First I would like to thank you for your great work and the great product – really an everyday fun to fly with the Anafi so keep the good work going gyus!

My question is – is there a chance of suggesting improvements here? Things the community would like to see?

There are some threads running with wishlists and maybe this could be of interest from a developers point of view as there are:

1.Flightplan → Create waypoint via button click
It would be a great feature for the Anafi to create a waypoint at its actual position incl. height and orientation rather than just planning it on relatively small handy display.

2.Flightplan → Fixing a waypoint
Creating a flightplan on a handy display when having waypoint close to each other can cause you to move/adjust a waypoint that should not be modified - an option to fix an existing waypoint would be a great value add

  1. Return to sender
    In addition to RTH a RTS option would be a neat feature. This would make it much more easy to create stunning footage on an A to B track rather than returning to where the Anafi started using RTH. Escpecially when e.g. riding a bike this would be great as you dont need to steer - just one click and the drone returns to where the sender is actually positioned.

Hope this suits you well guys…there are couple of more ideas but pls let me know what you think of this format. Does this makes sense to write down improvement ideas in this forum or not at all ?

Looking fwd to reading from you :slight_smile:


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Hello Meikel,
Thanks for your kind message.
This is actually something we are considering adding.
This is specifically a developer forum, only related to SDK and technical questions around the development of apps and software around the Parrot platforms, but “features” are also a developer concern :slight_smile:
We are going to reorganize the forum for the ANAFI SDK release, adding a “whishlist” thread is potentially a good fit.

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Hey Jerome :slight_smile:

Thanks for your swift reply! I guess the Anafi community is really curious to see the SDK being released and I hope its still making good progress - saw your comment that you´re almost there so hopefully it wont take too long :slight_smile:

So - having this wishlist in place defenitely would encourage the community to get more involved in making the Anafi as much better as it is today already - there are really good ideas out there - so hopefully you guys don´t miss that chance as we are all curious to see more improvements coming our way to this little bird :smiley:

Keep up the good work - highly appreciated your engagement!!


Hi Gentle Beings :slight_smile:

On top of my wishlist would be the UHD resolution and storage of footage captured with it.

The format as it is now (AVC and BT.709 colorspace) is definitely a waste of resources.

What I really would appreciate:

  • encoding in HEVC with Colorspace BT.2020 in 4.2.0 8-bit
  • when applying HDR then using 10-bit

then it would not be necessary to use 100 Mbit/s bandwidth - 66 Mbit/s would do the job nicely :slight_smile: and the files would be at least 1/3 less in size.

So, can this be done at all with the existing hardware or would we have to wait for “ANAFI-II”

thanks a lot.