Indoor navigation capabilities (ANAFI AI)

Dear all,

I am planning to use Anafi AI for indoor navigation for a project but I am not sure about its capabilities indoor. Is it possible to use it out of the box for long-duration indoor missions? What is its accuracy/drift etc. for VIO/VO? I guess it does not use visual SLAM?

I saw several posts here about it and mostly people mentioned that several flight modes including obstacle avoidance are deactivated indoors. Do I have to write my own application for a reliable indoor mission in AirSDK?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi @kgn-parrot,

Thanks for using our product. According to the Anafi Ai whitepaper, the drone is “Designed for outdoor missions as well as indoor (warehouses, tunnels)”. More informations are available the white paper of anafi Ai (page 12).

You right, a lots of features will be disabled (including obstacle avoidance).

You can develop your own positioning algorithm - opencv is available in the drone, for example.


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