Indoors flying, unpredictable movements, GPS


I’m experiencing some problems when flying indoors.

I’m making a liftoff and just hover still. The drone then drifts a bit, but that is expected. After it have drifted like 1 m, it suddenly tries to correct its position but overcorrects and aims straight for the wall. This is all done without a single input.

This is happening if Im using the controller, the phone or Olympe.

My guess is that the drone is sometimes getting a gps signal. It cuts off and turns back on for a sec, making it realize it is in the wrong position and then tries to correct. I can live with a little bit of drift, but if the drone suddenly accelerates directly into the wall it is a problem.

Outdoors this is not a problem.

Is there a way of disabling GPS, or is aluminium foil my best option…? Have thought about GPS extenders, but want to verify the problem is about the GPS and not something else.

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