Info of the virtual camera


I have a virtual camera placed somewhere in the world and I would like to now its parameters. Usually, ROS-topic /camera_info contains information about the camera, like camera matrix, for example. Is there any possibility to get this information from Sphinx without using ROS-plugins?

Thank you.

You can retrieve sensors info published on the ~/sensor topic in a plugin:

ExamplePlugin::ExamplePlugin() : WorldPlugin()
  this->node = transport::NodePtr(new transport::Node());
  this->sensorSub = this->node->Subscribe("~/sensor",
      &ExamplePlugin::OnSensorMsg, this, true);

void ExamplePlugin::OnSensorMsg(ConstSensorPtr &_msg)
  if (_msg->type() == "camera" || _msg->type() == "wideanglecamera")
    gzmsg << "camera: " << _msg->name() << "\n";
    gzmsg << "\timage size: " << msgs::ConvertIgn(_msg->camera().image_size())
      << "\n";
    gzmsg << "\tpose: " << msgs::ConvertIgn(_msg->pose()) << "\n";

The sensor message is described here:
The content of its camera parameter is described here:

You can also retrieve the camera lens parameters published on its lens/info topic with parrot-gz:
parrot-gz topic -e "~/bebop2/body/horizontal_camera/lens/info"

It seems like CameraSensor message does not have intrinsic camera matrix that I am looking for. I thought, maybe your last paragraph would help, but I could not find neither the parrot-gz command nor any lens related topics with a simple gz topic -l. Would you give me a tipp about what I am doing wrong?

parrot-gz is just an alias for gz. You can only see lens/info topics for wide-angle cameras (sensors with type wideanglecamera) like the front camera of Bebop 2.

The feature you request is not available in sphinx and is currently under review in gazebo: