Intrinsic Calibration of Simulated Drone


Where can I find the intrinsic calibration parameters of simulated cameras of anafi-ai in Sphinx ?



You can call sphinx-cli info while Sphinx is running to get information on all components, or sphinx-cli info -c <component_name> to get information on a single component. Example:

sphinx-cli info -c front_streaming

Hi @ocrave

Thanks for the info ! Here is what I got :

sphinx-cli info -c front_streaming
shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory
-   aspect_ratio: 1.7777777777777777
    far: 0
    focal_length: 1211.1116583937348
    format: NV21
    frame_client_addr: unix:/tmp/fd_mount_points/instances/022d63dbb078c20b2e22ad76bbf422cc6f265614/union/simulator/front-stream-ue4
    frame_server_addr: unix:/tmp/fd_mount_points/instances/022d63dbb078c20b2e22ad76bbf422cc6f265614/union/simulator/front-stream-fmw
    framerate: 30000000/1000000
    height: 720
    horizontal_fov: 0.97228
    name: front_streaming
    near: 0
    pixel_aspect_ratio: 1
    projection_type: perspective
    renderer_addr: unix:/tmp/fd_mount_points/instances/022d63dbb078c20b2e22ad76bbf422cc6f265614/union/simulator/front-stream-ue4
    sensor_type: external_camera
    socket_path: ''
    type: camera
    vipc_backend: shm
    width: 1280

So I guess there is no distortion for simulated cameras ?


Hello Clément,

There is not distortion on simulated cameras.

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