Investigation of crash, decrypt flight logs


We have had an unfortunate event where the drone crashed, and it was bad.

We were in a sequence where we would take a photo, spin 45 degrees and then take another photo. Everything worked great 20 minutes before with the exact same code.
After the 5/8 photo, the drone suddenly stopped the stream, and flew right up in the sky. All our emergency commands did not work anymore, was like the drone lost connection. The drone then fell to the ground. Right now the drone does not start anymore. We want to investigate what happened. Was it our “fault” or did something else happened?

We have been in contact with parrot support but they are so stubborn on getting the flight data through the app, which we cannot sync to thus the drone is completely dead.
We have send them our log.bin files but they dont seem to care.

How can we decrypt/extract our bin files? Right now we dont care about some warranty, we want to figure out what happened.

We need to extract our bin files to a readable format, how do we do that?

@ndessart @Jerome

you can’t, this is a proprietary / internal log format.
Were you using an app ? Olympe ?

Thanks for the answer! I fixed the problem by first fixing the drone. I opened it up and made sure all connections was okey, and finally got it booted up. I could then sync the flight logs with the Freeflight app and through that I could export the log as a .json file.


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