Is it possible to stream the camera to the screen and to a server at the same time?

Hi! I want to make an android app that shows the camera live stream on the screen of the device, and also at the same time sends the stream to a video stream server (RTMP, RTSP or SRT). Is it possible to do this easily with the Ground SDK?

Yes, an app like Dronesense is doing it.
You would have to manage the video stream server entirely though, as there is no such native option in GSDK.

Hi Jerome!

Thanks for your soon response. So, what you mean is that I can use the GSDK to show the stream on the device screen, but I have to use another method to send the video to my video stream server?

How can I access to that video stream without using the GSDK? I read that the drone exposes the video stream using RTSP, is that correct? Do you have any link I could read that explains this behaivor?