Is the anafi AI works indoor without skycontroller?


I’m trying to develop an android app who’s control anafi AI( with gsdk) without skycontroller4 in indoor environment ( with no GPS ). When i’m flying outdoor, it work perfectly.

Do you know if i can do this without gps and without skycontroller ?


I use the Anafi drone but not the Anafi AI drone, however I think I can give you an answer. Both drones work on the same technology, when they are still you can see that they are stabilized using GPS (outdoor), the vertical camera under the drone and the ultrasonic sensor. I have tried indoor flights although it is not recommended, but this is concretely possible. However, if you fly over a uniform ground in color and shape, the sensors will be lost and the drone will drift slowly ! So beware this is dangerous, especially with the AI drone with a weight of 900g and has sharp propellers.

You can develop an android app to control your drone, without the skycontroller, you can use GroundSDK.



It is correct that the Anafi Ai can fly indoor, although without GPS lots of features will be disabled (including obstacle avoidance). But as Amaury said, the precise positioning will mainly rely on vertical camera, so depending on the ground it may not work perfectly, so this is not recommanded.

The fact that you use or not the skycontroller is not really relevant when it comes to the drone behaviour, but if you need to override the automatic control and pilot manually you’ll find it difficult without the controller.

I hope this answers your question, do not hesitate if you have any other question :slight_smile:


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