Live image out for broadcast streaming

I’d like to be able to take the live HD video feed out for live screen relay/streaming. Has anyone devised a method of doing this?


You can find some informations about this in this post I wrote on another topic.

The post describes a setup which allows to get the live video stream onto a computer. You can use any rtsp-compatible client on the computer to get the video stream, but the best experience would be to use PDrAW (Linux/macOS only), our own video client, which will handle error concealment and lower latency for the Anafi stream better than most other players.


Thank you Nicholas. I have no programming/code experience, but I can likely get to grips with this section of the PDrAW - rtsp:// if connected through a SkyController3.

Do I connect the USB3 on the SkyController 3 to the Mac, or do I need to do it some other way? Will the MacOS safari browser open the above rtsp address?

Is the resultant video feed free of telemetry text OSD?

On a future software update, is Live video out via the USB3 possible? It would be a useful livestream feature.


Do I need a USB Type-C to Ethernet Adapter to enable the SkyController 3 to access the MacOS browser?

If you want to have an Android phone connected to the SkyController, you’ll need to use the USB-Hub + USB-Ethernet setup described in my previous message. If you only need the SkyController and your computer, then you can use the USB type C connector on the SkyController and connect it to your computer.

A few notes since you’re using a Mac:

  • We’re using RNDIS as the USB-Eth profile for the SkyController 3, which is not natively supported by macOS. There are some third party drivers (like HoRNDIS which I use on my Mac), but the other setup might be easier to install (as no driver will be required on your computer)

Anyway, Safari (and all others web brothers) is not compatible with RTSP. Quicktime don’t work either. You have to use a player that understands rtsp:// url schemes.

Yes. The resulting stream contains a lot of metadata, but it’s the player that might display them. A default player will display nothing, while PDrAW has the option to overlay some data if requested, but overlays nothing by default.

The USB port is nothing more than a USB port, and will never be able to output a video signal. You’ll always need an external “computer” (regardless of its size) to get from the RTSP+RTP, h.264 encoded stream available, to a decoded video signal.


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Nicholas, I am very grateful for your assistance. Having tried to look further into it, I am way out of my depth in terms of understanding and implementing your suggestions with RTSP etc. I was hoping to get more use from my Anafi, in terms of being able to live stream, but will have to revert to my Mavic 2 Pro, as the Smart Controller for it has an HDMI out.
Thank you,