Manual takeoff or at least set the altitude of takeoff


I am trying to implement a manual takeoff with olympe sdk
I saw the userTakeOff that allows to arm the drone. However after that I try moveBy or PilotingCmd but nothing works.
Somebody has a solution, please?
At least, is there the possibility to change the altitude of takeoff that is 1meter by default?

Thank you for your help,
Best regards

Hi @jd_drone,

Sorry for the delay.

Can you provide your code? Or at least the connection, takeoff and MovebBy part. It’s not possible to change the default altitude of the takeoff.


Hi @Axelm ,
Thank you for your response.
As it is not possible to change the default altitude of the takeoff, is it possible to takeoff manually?

I have tried with these functions
(after the connexion taht is ok),
The drone arms well with : self.drone(UserTakeOff(state = 1)).wait() arm the drone
but after that the piloting function doesn’t allow me to takeoff manually:

NB : If I takeoff with the function self.drone(TakeOff()).wait() and then use the piloting function, the drone moves and I can change the altitude

any suggestion please to takeoff manually in order to choose the altitude?:

Thank you

Hi @jd_drone,

UserTakeOff is used for Hand launch. It is not possible to take off with PCMD commands, and it is not possible to choose the default takeoff altitude. The only way to do this is to send a takeoff command, wait for the takeoff to complete, and then send a moveby command (for exemple) to set the desired altitude.


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