ManualCopterPilotingItf Horizontal Velocity

I think this may be a feature request, but is there any way to set the horizontal velocity and direction on the ManualCopterPilotingItf. The way it is right now you have to specify %x and %y, which not useful.

I realize the guided interface may have part of this functionality, but it also apparently has issues with fast refresh rates: Drone twitching during GuidedFlight


Unfortunately it is not possible to control the drone velocity the way you would like.

Using the GuidedPilotingItf won’t cut it either, I’m afraid.

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If you upload waypoints to the drone, does the onboard flight controller have the ability to hold a specific speed and direction or does it also have to use percentage based controls?

The MAVLink FlightPlan allows to do this, yes.
See here

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