MAVLINK compatabillity on ANAFI drones and Sphinx implementations

Are the ANAFI drones compatible with the MAVLINK protocol? I saw it was listed in a whitepaper for ANAFI and ANAFI USA but cannot find any more sources or documentation of this. If they are compatible with the protocol, is this implemented in the firmware used in the Parro-Sphinx simulator?

ANAFI drones are compatible with the MAVLINK protocol and the documentation is here: GroundSdk FlightPlan Documentation — MAVLink-flightplan 1.2.1 documentation
The firmware for the simulator is also compatible.

This is just for the pre-defined mission files right? It cannot actually receive MAVLINK messages during flight?

There are no MAVLINK messages outbound from Sphinx when running the anafi4k drone. I have checked with wireshark on all interfaces. Do you have any how-to on how to make mavlink work in Sphinx?

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