MAVLink Custom Messages and PX4

Hello, i am trying to build a Unity app for controlling the Anafi 4K using the MAVLink protocol.

I am wondering a few questions. I read on here that QGroundControl can be used to control the Anafi - i tried, and failed. I was able to get QGroundControl to pick-up the Anafi but only using the Android version, the Windows version failed to pick it up.

My questions are few fold:

What XML messaging file is used by QGroundControl to control the Anafi?

I read that the Anafi is compatible with the PX4 protocol is this true?

Using MAVLink protocol, should i build for MAVLink SDK V1 or V2 (considering the Anafi 4k and not the Anafi Ai).

Should I create a custom.xml message for the Anafi - or is the one on the Parrot MAVLink github repo sufficient (this one is over 5 years old, so i highly doubt it is sufficient - considering there is a post on this forum from 2019 regarding an update to the MAVLink compatablity).

I am simply very confused on how to orient myself in my development.

As an explaination - i am an VR developer and i am attempting to build an App for my Aanfi that allows me to control and view the Anafi camera using FPV on my Oculus Quest 2 headset. I’ve been going back and forth between UE4, Unity, Native development and i hit a brick wall everytime. The Native Quest development documentation is vastly outdated and broken, so i turned to a game engine (which has more support) - of course there is no support from Parrot for the GroundSDK, so i am trying to use MAVLink, but i am just not sure where to begin with the messages XML generation.

Any support or a point in the right direction would be great :slight_smile:

I tried ArduPilot, and that didn’t work (which makes sense, i didn’t expect it to, but was worth a shot).

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