Mavlink land command to Parrot Anafi or Sphinx not working

I’ve set up a tool to send mavlink messages to an ip with ports (ie it can work with the parrot anafi or the parrot sphinx simulator). I can arm the autopilot and make either successfully take off, but the land command does nothing, even if the command ack is returned with value 0 (command accepted). What might I be doing wrong? Anyone had experience getting this to land using mavlink commands?

Do you have some log ?

@Jerome do you need a log of the messages? Or something from the drone/sim (you’d have to tell me how to get that in that case)

I’ve also encountered this problem when using Mavlink, besides the problems mentioned here, with both the Sphinx and real ANAFI 4K drone. This happens with both custom implementation and QGroundControl app (both mobile and desktop versions).

I can also provide logs, if necessary. But I need to know where to get them from.