MAVLINK protocol not available

I am unable to see any MAVLINK messages from the simulated Sphinx drone. Neither does it respond to any. I have checked all my interfaces and local ips for mavlink messages using wireshark. How do i enable this? Should it not be natively in the anafi4k firmware? Do i have to change something in the firmwared config file? Missing sockets etc?

See my answer here: C++ SDK for ANAFI - #14 by nfugier

I am running the simulator with default values, and the drone firmware does steal the wifi-interface. I can connect to the drone using the access point created with FreeFlight on my phone. The traffic is however not visible on the host machine running the simulation, and the stolen interface is not even listed in Wireshark. Are there any methods to get the traffic on the stolen interface without having an extra wifi-interface?

duplicate of MAVLINK compatabillity on ANAFI drones and Sphinx implementations - #5 by vegovs