Max altitude in GNSS-denied environment

I am working in a system for UAV indoor navigation and have questions regarding the max flight altitude of the Anafi AI in indoor conditions. Is the max altitude limited when there is no GPS signal for AirSDK/Olympe application? (This happens with other brand same-class drones)
If so, what is the limit?
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No, with or without GPS signal there are no difference. The only altitude limitation is the one you set yourself via the geofence, and it will then be applied using barometer altitude.

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Thank you for your answer. Is the drone stable at higher altitudes indoors (15-20 m)?


At 15-20m, it is likely that the drone won’t be perfectly stable.
Because there will be no GPS, and the range sensor will be out of range ; so the altitude estimation will rely on barometer only, and the atmospheric pressure measured can vary independently from altitude (airspeed, meteorological variations, etc…), but the estimation will be interpreting it as altitude variation.
So the drone will probably drift a little during the flight, especially if there is lateral displacement

If you want to have a precise altitude control indoors, I’d be better to fly closer to the ground, where range sensors are not out-of-range (depending on the reflectance of the ground, between 3m and 7m approximately)

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I was talking about vertical stability ;

horizontal stability should be OK if the ground is flat. The positioning won’t be very accurate but it should not drift out of position if the vertical camera is able to get optical flow

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Sorry, only now saw this. Thank you for your clear and useful response! I’m clarified

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