Max vertical speed 4m/s or 6m/s for Anafi Ai?

I would like to know what is the maximum vertical speed of the drone.
In the AirSDK documentation it’s written that is 4m/s, but in the technical specifications of the Anafi AI it’s written that is 6m/s

AirSDK doc:

Anafi Ai Technical specifications:

Hello @MelP,

The Anafi Ai maximal vertical speed is 4 m/s.

Maybe the technical specifications page has been updated since your last visit to correct this mistake, because it now shows the correct value :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate if you have any other questions !

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Your link leads to the Flight Performances, indeed 4 m/s seems to be the right value.
I think the error is in the Technical specifications page


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Yes you are correct, that is a mistake.
I’ll ask for it to be revised, thanks for noticing it !


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