Millisecond time in DNG EXIF


I can get the create time in millisecons from the EXIF metadata of JPEGs, e.g.
exiftool -G1 -t -SubSecDateTimeOriginal p0710239.jpg
Composite Date/Time Original 2019:06:16 16:20:49.380+02:00
but not for RAW images,
exiftool -G1 -t -SubSecDateTimeOriginal p0710239.dng
Composite Date/Time Original 2019:06:16 16:20:49+02:00

It seems like the ms time is not stored in the metadata of DNG files. I that correct or am I missing something?


Hi @ulf,

You are correct, Anafi’s DNG files do not store ms time in the EXIF metadata, the reason for that is that we are using Adobe DNG SDK which does not implement this EXIF tag (SubSecTime).

I do not know how you use the ms time for in the JPEG files, but you have to know that the time reported is not the exact time of the photo capture but rather the time when the EXIF metadata are added to the file, this time is generally very close to the capture time but not accurate enough to for example, find the exact time between 2 pictures.

If you need very accurate time you can rely on the xmp Xmp.drone-parrot.CaptureTsUs property which stores the picture capture time in microsecond based on product’s internal clock.

Hope this helps,

Hi fredc,

and thanks for your answer, it solved my problem!

Problem was this: When I archive my pictures I automatically rename them using date/time information in the metadata. For pictures taken during the same second, I need some extra suffix that reflects the order that the pictures were taken in. Sounds like Xmp.drone-parrot.CaptureTsUs will work just fine for this.