Mission Execution

I’m having a very difficult time executing mission plans. I am able to upload a flight plan to the bird but I cannot execute them or start a mission. I have tried creating, deploying, and flying a mission with QGroundControl and I see the same behavior. QGC reports “Vehicle is not changing to Mission Flight Mode”. [MAVLINK] List of supported commands - Live piloting I have tried to follow these commands and I’m still having issues, the vehicle reports in the Command Acknowledgment that it either fails or is unsupported. I’m seeing issues with MISSION_SET_CURRENT and SET_MODE on wireshark. I have no idea why MISSION_SET_CURRENT would be failing, I’m seeing MISSION_CURRENT report back MISSION_STATE_UNKNOWN. I’m currently trying with the SET MODE (which did give me denied in the Ack but that was using base_mode). I see that the link mentions PX4_CUSTOM_SUB_MODE_AUTO_MISSION to start a flight plan. What would be the value of custom_mode that is equivalent to PX4_CUSTOM_MAIN_MODE_AUTO with PX4_CUSTOM_SUB_MODE_AUTO_MISSION?

Screenshot from QGC, Might be of interest

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