Mission upload to simulated drone broken since 7.4

Hi, ever since updating the AirSdk to 7.4 whenever I try to upload the unmodified hello-pc mission to the simulated drone (most recent firmware from https://firmware.parrot.com/Versions/anafi2/pc/%23latest/images/anafi2-pc.ext2.zip) using the ./build.sh -p hello-pc -t sync --unsigned --reboot command listed in the AirSdk docs, I get a 415 Unsupported Media Type message from the simulated drone. There is no relevant logs in the ulog either.
Any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated.

Attempting a GET using curl -i 'http://anafi-ai.local/api/v1/mission/missions' (a valid request by Module Mission (v1) - 7.4) also returns a 415 Unsupported Media Type.
However, curl -i 'http://anafi-ai.local/api/v1/info/properties' does get a 200 OK response with the expected data.


Can you open a shell to the drone while trying to install the mission?

$ adb connect
$ adb shell

Then from the drone shell:

$ log | grep webserver

Try to install the mission and add the result log here.

Thank you for your response.

Running the log | grep webserver only shows this in the drone shell

I have also done some more testing, and found out that missions built on the machine producing the error can be uploaded successfully on another machine. Missions built that other machine (that upload successfully on that machine) produce the error when uploaded on this machine. Both are running AirSdk 7.4.0, with the drone firmware 7.4.0 (verified with the checksum), and using Sphinx version 2.9.1-focal+ubuntu+focal.

The only difference we have observed, other than the failure of mission uploads on this machine, is that in the “Info” tab of http://anafi-ai.local/#/ the “Flying State” field is empty on the machine having the upload issue, and is not empty on the machine without the upload issue.

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