Modifying the Controller For the Drone

I want to re-design the controller for the Anafi to work based on a different sensor than is currently being used. Is there any way to modify the controller and its sources? Say I want the drone to take off and hover, but instead of what is currently being used (I believe GPS and an ultrasonic sensor?) I want to use something else. How would I go about modifying the Anafi to run off of this instead of the GPS?

Found the controller in the firmware under etc/colibry/anafi4k


No, this is not possible and this is not something that we plan to support in the future.

Just out of curiosity, what are you trying to do?



I can’t get into the specifics but we are designing our own controller for the drone via an external sensor. I mean I found the controller in the files, can I design my own and modify the controller file in the firmware, then load that firmware to the drone? I can explain some more things in a less public format if necessary.

I think I see what you’re saying. I was just looking at config files for the drone correct? In the file path mentioned above? Based on this I am assuming that the real business end of the code is within the boxinit.d folder and in the various corresponding files which are not able to be accessed.

By the way when I’m saying controller I am referring to the control loop, not the physical “controller” used by a person when controlling the drone.

@wheeleml Any update on your project?

I can’t discuss specifics but the kind people at parrot have been very helpful in open discussion with us as well as in assistance with the applications for the Anafi we are developing. The best way to control the Anafi for non-research (IE recreational, outdoor, and some commercial environments) would be to utilize the functionalities built in to Olympe! The documentation is quite extensive and updates are being posted frequently with the help of developers like us.

That sounds exciting. What are the benefits of controlling the drone with Olympe from your point of view? From my perspective it just sounds like a tool to control the drone via computer.

That is exactly what it is. It allows for you to create custom functions within python if you are proficient in the language. The ability to control the drone via python has honestly endless applications from custom controls and live environment mapping, to unique drone actions based on the PCMD command.

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Cool, I’m already playing with the Mambo to control it by Playground and Xcode. With the Anafi I haven’t started yet. Is there any way to get more insides in your project? Or is there any ETA? Sounds a bit like the [

FT Aviator


Oh I think you misunderstand the post haha. We are working on a high performance control loop for the Anafi, not modifying the human-drone interface. Sorry for the confusion!

No misunderstanding. Was just an idea. Is your „invention“ intended also for private use?

Oh okay, glad to hear haha. I work at a national lab and am not involved in the deployment of technology, I just help develop it if that makes sense. As of right now there are no plans for it to be available for private use as far as I know.