Modifying Video Storage Path

Greetings Parrot Developer Community,

I’m currently working on a mission that involves the collection of diverse data within the drone’s internal folder. However, I encounter an issue with the “Auto Record” drone functionality and the “video manager module.” Specifically, the video data is being saved in a different path than the other collected data. I’m seeking advice on two potential approaches:

  1. Modifying Video Storage Path: Is there a way to alter the path where the video data is saved when utilizing the “Auto Record” drone functionality or employing the “video manager module” in a mission, akin to what’s demonstrated in the ‘video_photo_cpp’ sample?
  2. Relocating Recorded Video: Alternatively, if changing the storage path isn’t feasible, is there a method to relocate the recorded video to another path within the drone’s system after it’s been initially saved?

I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance on how to achieve these objectives. Your expertise and suggestions will immensely aid in enhancing the efficiency of our drone missions.

Thank you for your time and support.

Hi @fplana,

It is not possible to change this path.

You have access to the DCIM folder (/mnt/user/DCIM/…) so you can move the photos and videos in this directory. Note that if you move the photos and videos, they will no longer be indexed by the drone (no freeflight access). Take a look at our documentation on storage and persistence.


Hi @Axelm,

Thank you for the guidance on accessing the DCIM folder for relocating photos and videos within the drone’s system.

However, we’re facing permission-related errors when attempting to move files from the drone during a mission. The permission constraints restrict us from executing these actions, both within the mission code and when copying files over the drone’s Wi-Fi to a local computer.

Could you provide insights or a workaround to resolve these permission errors? Our goal is to efficiently manage files within the drone’s system and enable seamless file transfer over the drone’s Wi-Fi.

Appreciate your assistance!

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