Move ANAFI after Takeoff


I’m working on controlling ANAFI from the ANAFI’s camera image.
However, ANAFI moves on its own, even though I don’t send any commands.

Does the following information help you solve the problem?
(1) I will control ANAFI in the environment that indoor and flat floor.
(2) I recently upgraded the firmware.

I look forward your reply.

Hello there,

Flying Anafi indoor, near steel structures and/or with poor lighting conditions/floor texture may cause drone disorientation and erratic movements.

See: Flying Anafi indoors causes random yawing - #8 by Anaphilo


Hello, Nicolas
Thank you for your reply.

I read the web page you gave me.
I can’t change an flight environment that indoor and flat floor.
Does the latest firmware have the ability to disconnect the compass sensor?