MoveTo rotation speed with HEADING_START

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set the rotation speed for the moveTo command with orientation_mode set to HEADING_START but the rotation speed remains the same. I’m wondering if there is a way to achieve this.

I tried to set the speed with ardrone3.SpeedSettings.MaxRotationSpeed, the command is correctly acknowledged but it has no effect

_send_command                   Ardrone3.SpeedSettings.MaxRotationSpeed(c_double(10.0),): has been sent asynchronously
_recv_cmd_cb                    ardrone3.SpeedSettingsState.MaxRotationSpeedChanged(current=10.0, min=3.0, max=200.0)

I also tried the command ardrone3.PilotingSettings.setAutonomousFlightMaxRotationSpeed and this one is not acknowledged at all (I tested values 10.0, 40.0 and 100.0), so the command is timed out.

11/02/2020 15:22:33.597620          _send_command                   Ardrone3.PilotingSettings.SetAutonomousFlightMaxRotationSpeed(c_double(40.0),): has been sent asynchronously
2020-02-11 15:22:43,625 :: ERROR :: setAutonomousFlightMaxRotationSpeed timedout

All my tests are made using Sphinx environment.

Thanks for your help.


The flight settings parameters (max tilt, max rotation speed, …) are taken into account by the drone only while piloting manually (with ardrone3.Piloting.PCMD or drone.piloting_pcmd, see: Work with ardrone3.Piloting.PCMD).

The flight settings are not taken into account while in a flightplan or with the moveTo and moveBy commands.


Hi Nicolas,

I’m currently trying to fly with an Anafi with controls coming from Olympe. This works already in an indoor setting, using moveBy() commands. For safety it would of course be convenient to limit its velocities. Are there any updates on this? (they’d also concern this open topic)

If not, do you see any workarounds for this problem? For example, could I alternatively use old Bebop commands like setAutonomousFlightMaxHorizontalSpeed (which apparently worked back then). Or do you see PCMD as a valid replacement for moveBy? I guess that’d demand a separate control loop to move from angles+thrust to position commands.

Thanks for your help,

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