MPEG-TS stream from ANAFI with metadata?

Does the ANAFI provide a MISB compatible metadata stream with its video output? How do I connect to the metadata stream?

Is there a way to get a single MPEG-TS + metadata stream from the ANAFI or will have to transcode from RTSP?

all our video output + metadata is documented here :

We dont use MISB or MPEG-TS.

Is there a way I can build just some required packages from pdraw? I’m trying to write a transcode application using ffmpeg that will take the RTSP stream input and output the MPEG-TS/MISB data. It sounds like libpdraw-backend with libvideo-metadata will give me all that I need, but I’d like to know how I can build just those pieces without all of pdraw and its other dependencies (such as glfw3/opengl).

To be explicit I have a few different architectures that I build for (aarch64, x86_64, etc.) and have custom toolchains for each. These toolchains match custom, minimal Linux distros (built with Yocto) for headless systems as as such lack various libraries.

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