Multi streaming

For physical Anafi Ai drone . I would like to take multi streaming .
first one will be on the smartphone freeflight7 connected by sky-controller 4 .
and second one on PC for making computer vision task .
For that i can use USB-HUB with Ethernet or there is another option .

Yes, a USB-Ethernet adapter on the SC4 connected to a PC is a good way to go.

Thanks for your reply. But there is problem as user not want any wiring between sky controller and pc .there is another option for doing that ?

There are no other options available on the SkyController

But if I connect the sc4 with the PC the smartphone connection will be disconnected. There is an option to keep the two devices connected at the same time
Second question: for 4G streaming as the end user refuses to use the cloud server there is any way to receive the stream on the local pc or the same like the sc4 .
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