NavigateHome threshold and custom disconnection behavior


working in Sphix environment I noticed that there is a threshold on NavigateHome behavior, it seems to be at about 20-25 meters from the takeoff position (I’m using TAKEOFF HomeType_Type). When the drone is closer than 20-25 meters to home, it simply sets the heading to home and altitude to 2 meters, it doesn’t change the latitude and longitude. Only when it’s farther than the threshold does it actually perform the full return to home behavior: it goes to the ReturnHomeMinAltitude, flies over the last HomeChanged latitude and longitude and then goes down to 2 meters altitude.

I understand how that might be a feature and I can easily write my own, different return to home method, but my concern is with the automatic return to home after the drone is disconnected. It’s really important for me that if the connection with the real drone is lost, it actually goes back to the takeoff position, even if it’s just 10 meters away.

I have following questions:

Is there really some NavigateHome behavior threshold? If so, is it possible to change it or remove it completely?

Alternatively, is it possible to define a custom drone behavior in case of disconnection? This would be an even better solution for me, because I would like the disconnected drone to automatically return to home and then land.

Thank you for your help,

Ubuntu 18.04, Parrot-Sphinx simulator version 1.8. I’m not sure about Olympe version, olympe.__version__ says 3.0.0, installed in June 2020.