Newbie question: altering the forward speed while taking photogrammetric photos

Hi, I thinking of getting an Anafi AI with the intention of nadir photographs for photogrammetry. As I want the maximum resolution the flight height will be in the region of 20-30 metres. I’m told that the AAI forward speed is high using the Anafi software. Is there a way to reduce this either in the software or using the SDK?

The purpose is to take images of an archaeological excavation in a target area of typically 100x200m.

I’m completely new to the Parrot world.

Hi David,

Welcome to the parrot community. I assume that by forward speed you refer to the speed at which the drone is moving forward. If you need to specify the speed at which the drone moves you can use the “extended moveBy” command. See the Olympe documentation.

Example use case

drone(extended_move_by(10, 0, 0 0, 100, 0, 0,_timeout=60))

Here i tell the drone to move forwards (displacement along x axis) by 10 meters with a maximum horizontal speed of 100 m/s.

Also see How to set the speed for moveBy for similar problem.

Hope this helps.

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Hello @David,

If you use the FreeFlight (iOS application) photogrammetric solution for your acquisition then the default settings are to go as fast as possible for the required resolution and height, as to minimize the flight time required.

If you find that speed to be too high, then you can either use FreeFlight to create a custom Flight Plan (FP) to capture your nadir photographs at the speed you desire or create your own iOS application (based on OpenFlight or GroundSdk) and specify the speed as you want.

Unless you use the default photogrammetry solution that FreeFlight proposes, you can customize the speed to your needs.

Why a high forward speed could be an issue to you? What is exactly what makes you want to lower the forward speed?

The problem is the rolling shutter in the Anafi AI when I am flying at 7-15m altitude over a limited area to get the maximum detail resolution. I would want to get each image as sharp as possible.

When flying a larger area at a greater altitude, then having a faster forward speed would be an advantage as you point out.

Is it difficult to edit a custom FP, or even adapt the default photogrammetry solution? Does this editing need to be done in the IOS environment or can I write it in Python on my PC? Is there any news on an Android controller?

Sorry for all the questions, Dave

It is not difficult to edit a custom FP through FreeFlight but currently FreeFlight (and OpenFlight) is only available on iOS environment.

You can use our python framework Olympe from your PC instead of FreeFlight to launch and communicate with the drone.

The FPs are textual mavlink files, so you can edit them with any text editor you like. You can find more information of the mavlink commands Anafi AI supports in the mavlink overview.
Note that Anafi AI supports the more standard messages v2 specification..

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