No PPS/SPS in RTSP stream


We’re trying to play the RTSP stream of an ANAFI but we did not succeed.
We use our own video library because we have specific latency constraints. With VLC I’m able to play the stream (but it’s quite bad).

With our decoder, I notice that we did not get the PPS/SPS packets (it’s not in the RTP stream, nor in the RTSP DESCRIBE reply).

Is there a way to have those SPS/PPS packets sent?

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SPS/PPS are not included in the SDP response to a RTSP DESCRIBE request but are included in the RTP stream on every start of GOP (i.e. start of intra refresh pattern, ~1 second).

Are you able to do a wireshark capture to check this for example?



Thank you for your answer.

I’ve done a wireshark capture, I only see a SEI NAL at the beginning, followed by P-Frames, no SPS nor PPS.

What am I missing?



This is surprising…

What drone model and firmware version are you using?
What photo or video mode are you in?

Type : ANAFI_4K
SW : 1.8.2
HW: HW_03

Type : Skycontroller 3
SW: 1.8.1
HW : 3

We’re in video mode: Standard + 1080p / 24 fps
Presets : Film

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